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3-Party Traffic Incident Leaves Five Persons Injured

San Ignacio Police are investigating a traffic incident that occurred yesterday at around four thirty on the George Price Highway across from Rumors Resort.  When investigators got to the scene, they found a gold Saturn sedan in a ditch and a green GMC pickup truck extensively damaged about thirty feet away on the other side of the road.  Preliminary investigations indicate that 29-year-old, Immigration Officer, William Sanchez, attached to the western border was driving behind the GMC pickup when he observed a sudden stop made by the pickup driver.  In an effort to avoid hitting the pickup, Sanchez swerved to the left but still ended up hitting the truck and landing in a ditch.  Sanchez was accompanied by his girlfriend, 20-year-old, Merlyn de la Fuente who complained of pain to the right leg, the right arm and to the chest.  Meanwhile Sanchez was cut to the centre of the head and has complained of pain to the chest, the right hand and the left knee.  During this incident, there was a third party involved as 18-year-old, Juan Garcia was standing on the side of the road waiting for the public transportation when he was hit by Sanchez’ car.  He received injuries to the left shoulder and cuts to the soles of his feet while the driver of the GMC pickup truck, 48-year-old, Orlando Tut, received injuries to his left hand, right foot, left shoulder and his neck and back.  His common-law-wife, Ann Tiabo was injured in the left foot and had pain in the side of her head.  Medico forms were issued, urine sample was taken, Garcia was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital while a notice of intended prosecution was issued to Sanchez.