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3 stamps unveiled with MOU signed between Chunghwa Post and the Belize Postal Service

This year marks the 30 anniversary of diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Belize. A high level diplomat, Dr. Chia-Lung Lin, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for Taiwan flew to Belize to sign a memorandum of understanding between Chunghwa Post and the Belize Postal Service to improve the technology used by our post offices. Ministry of Transport and NEMO, Edmond Castro and Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen joined Post Master General James Gabriel for the unveiling of three commemorative stamps marking the shared friendship between the two nations.

Edmond Castro – Minister of Transportation and NEMO: “The relationship between Belize and Taiwan is longer than half the people in this room in terms of age. We from this side would like to continue the diplomatic relations that we have as a Government with the Government of Taiwan.”

H.E. Remus Chen – Ambassador of Taiwan in Belize: “This year 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Belize for celebrating this long, very, very firm relationship. Both governments have jointly proposed, not only to sign the MOU of the postal services to promote the reciprocal cooperation in exchange for information and experiences but also to release a set of commemorative steps for further enhancing our cultural ties and promoting a strong bond between our two people.”

Dr. Chia-Lung Lin – Minister of Transportation & Communications, Taiwan: “I must also say that for each previous support to our nations joint proposal for membership into the United Nations, something that also holds great significance for Chunghwa Post. It is the Universal Postal Union, it is also a specialized agency under the United Nations. For Chunghwa Post our nations membership into the United Nations equates to entrance into the Universal Postal Union and appropriately presses the identity of our nations postal service. We will continue towards this direction and thank Belize for its continued support of Taiwan. Today’s signing of the memorandum between Belize’s Postal Service and Chunghwa Post points towards institutionalized development of various projects regarding our postal services.”

James Gabriel – Postmaster General: “Today is a significant day for the post office. Today we are unveiling a special set of stamps and we have also signed a memorandum of understanding with Chunghwa Post. Now the significance of the stamps; stamps are viewed as Ambassadors for one country, it travels the entire world and so what that does for our two countries is, it shows the relationship that Taiwan has had with Belize over the past thirty years. I view this as something very significant because as I mentioned it is not too often that countries work closely together for these initiatives so by promoting such an event it shows the entire world what countries can accomplish by working together. Now we have also signed a memorandum of understanding and two points that stood out from that memorandum of understanding is one, the improvement in terms of our traditional services but most importantly the assistance that we will be getting from Chunghwa Post in terms of creating innovative services for the postal service. Now that is indeed crucial, the post office is indeed at the crossroads. If the post office does not engage in the technological aspect of how we do things today it could certainly be left behind. I am very glad that Chunghwa Post has stepped in and offered assistance to us because what we have experienced over the years within the postal service is the lack of the necessary skill set for us to advance and I feel very good to know that with Chunghwa Post at our side we will be able to move forward.”

Belize and Taiwan established diplomatic relations in 1989.