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3 Students Suspended Following Mischief with Photo of a Nude Woman

Three male students have been suspended from classes at the San Pedro High School following mischievous acts involving a nude photograph.  According to the Acting Vice Principal, Giselle Flores, it is a situation that was reported to the District Education Officer, the Board of Directors as well as an attorney that the teacher, who was being rumoured to be the subject in the nude photo, had retained.


“The students have not been expelled; it was a false allegation and in no school can we say that 30 students are expelled at one particular point. What has occurred is that some students have been suspended; three male students have been suspended. The reason for the suspension was due to the sharing of pornographic material. Once the report was brought to us we made the necessary queries and had the students write an incident report then we notified the parents and the parents came in and they were informed as to what was happening and the fact that their child had been sharing photographs. The allegation is that the students were sharing a particular photograph of a teacher; however that is a complete lie; previously, a female student had come to report that some other students in the school had been trying to say that that particular picture was her and it was also false and now recently, this report came in with the exact same picture but now it is a teacher.  So, they were trying to pin this picture of a random young woman to a student and when that allegation did not stick then they tried to move on to pin it to a senior teacher. They had not approached the teacher with the picture; no one told her.  It was none of those three students, it was another student who approached her and informed her and that is when she brought in the report to the office.  They never attempted to blackmail her because it is not her; she even went a step further and visited our District Education Officer and informed her of the situation and she was willing to get legal help so that if anything they would be taken to court because that is a form of defamation to her character.”

The three boys who are in second form have been sent home for five days as directed by the school’s Board of Directors, chaired by businessman, Milo Paz.  Flores says that the parents were called in and notified of the situation but some did express discontent with the decision and had threatened to bring the school to shame.  The Board of Directors met in regular session yesterday.


“It is a routine meeting that they have every two months and this issue came up and was discussed. The meeting was not only on that issue because as I mentioned it was a routine meeting that they had. Some parents were not happy about it and would not accept that their children were involved.”

Earlier today, the news came out of the incident at the school but was blown out of proportion on the social media, saying that up to 30 students had been expelled.  The details of the story were extremely inaccurate and Flores says the school’s administration was appalled at the spreading of misinformation by a member of the San Pedro community.


“We were very upset because we could not believe that someone from the community could come up with something so serious because it is a lie. As administrators we cannot just expel people just for the sake of it, it has to go through a process and the board makes the final decision.”

According to Flores, about two weeks ago there was another group of students who were sent home after pictures they had taken of themselves in the nude had surfaced.  Those female students have since been back to school.


“There has been a suspension to some female students who had naked pictures of themselves and they all agreed that that was them and as a result we took it to the Board as well and the suggestion was to suspend them. It was five female students.”

The three boys who were sent home today are expected to resume classes at San Pedro High School on Friday, May 29, 2015.  Earlier we met up with Education Minister, Patrick Faber, who said he is unaware of the situation but did express hope that the management of the school will handle the matter promptly.  He added that he refuses, at this time, to comment further as he would rather not to speculate on the matter until he is fully briefed on the situation.