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3 year old killed and mother shot

Early Sunday morning, shots rang out inside the Felix family yard on Gill Street in Belize City. The Felix family matriarch had protested against violence for years -three of her children were killed. Feesha Felix was killed several years ago by a bullet that went through her bedroom window in 2013. This time her older brother Roy Bennett slept with his family in that same room when they were attacked. Love News went to the scene.

Roy Bennett was asleep inside his bed along with his wife 28 year old Alva Moody and their three year old daughter Ethany Bennett. After 2 am, Roy Bennet, father of Ethany Bennet, says the gunman went into the neighbor’s yard and fired through the chain link fence and into the bedroom window. While he was spared his wife Alva was shot on her butt and thigh and another bullet grazed her abdomen. Three year old Etana Bennett received the worst injury as the bullet hit her on the right side of her temple, she later died of her injuries at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. Bennet was unable to speak on camera however a neighbor told us she woke up to the sounds of gunshots.

Voice of Neighbor: “I was sleeping and I just hear bang, bang, bang, bang. I thought I was someone knocking or something and my common law tell me that is gunshot so he get up and he come outside but when he come outside he say he didn’t see anybody and right after that he come back and he come wake me and say it was gunshot, he said it was the neighbor, they shot up the neighbor house he said and the baby and the girlfriend look like they get shot so when I come out here and I see the police was already out here on the scene.”

Jose Sanchez: So you didn’t know it was Alva and the three year old daughter got shot?

Neighbor:Yes my common law say he doesn’t know If the two of them got shot but he said it look like one of them got shot, either the baby or the girlfriend because he see police carry them or they gone in a vehicle.”

Jose Sanchez:You have been living here for almost 17 years, did you know Ms. Felix, several of the children you know Feesha, and you have Farron for example who have passed away since? I understand Feesha died in the same room they were as well.”

Neighbor: Yeah I heard about that but I only knew the young lady and the mom, I am not really familiar with the boys.

Jose Sanchez:Now concerning your own safety does it make you feel more at risk or nothing happens in your household, I mean what is your feeling our concern for the neighborhood, the police had just put up a checkpoint in the neighborhood this morning.”

Neighbor: Well that I feel good about because I see they put up a checkpoint and its right side of my gate so I feel good about that.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: Whilst the three were sleeping inside of the bedroom a male person just entered the yard and fire several shots at their direction in injuring Ms. Moody and the Minor.

Reporter: Did that person entered their yard or the neighbor’s yard?

Asp Alejandro Cowo: They came from the neighbor’s yard.

Reporter: Some of the people believe that the shooting of the Felix family house and as well of that was Mr. Arnold last week may have been related in the sense that they are being targeted by specific groups of young men. Is that what you investigations are revealing?

Asp Alejandro Cowo: It does not have a direct link up to this moment but that is a possibility that we are looking at likewise. These are mobile checkpoints right, the checkpoints are behind the vehicle so at any time the vehicle just stop and they place a checkpoint on the street and they conduct a checkpoint there and then they move from that location and go to another one.

Reporter: But that specific checkpoint was not there until this morning.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: I believe so.

The police has installed a checkpoint since 7 am Monday morning about 50 yards from the scene of the crime but the shooters tend to move when the police move aswell
Unfortunately Etana Bennett died shortly after news time.