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30 Brand New Rides for the Cops

Thirty vehicles valued at 1.3 million dollars have been purchased by the Ministry of National Security for the Belize Police Department. The vehicles were handed over to the department in a ceremony where the top brass and Minister John Saldivar spoke of how the vehicles would be disbursed to formations across the country. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that the officers who have been assigned to the vehicles will be held responsible for their maintenance.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “The value is over $1.3 million. Our Minister has been very instrumental and our CO lobbying with the Government to see what could be done to upgrade or to improve the Police fleet. We know that the different stations across the country have been complaining about the shortage of vehicles to be able to respond to public calls and it was through that effort that the Minister and the CO found a way as to how we can use our annual budget to be able to procure these vehicles to enhance the Police vehicle fleet. The officers who are tasked to use these vehicles on a daily basis that they are to ensure that the vehicle is used for the purpose of which it has been acquired and most importantly to ensure that the vehicles are serviced on time and that there is no negligence or abuse  in the use of these vehicles and once that is done I believe that the vehicle will able to last the lifetime. The Vehicle Fleet Manager has been directed to put together a protocol that will be sent across the country in respect of use of these vehicles and once that is done it is directed that every commander and every driver must ensure that there is full compliance with the protocol that will be attached to the use of these vehicles. If the officer is negligent in the use of these vehicles and causes damage to the vehicle then he is placed on disciplinary charges and will go on trail and if he is found guilty then there will be a deduction that he must pay for the vehicle. We have procured GPS for these vehicles and those GPS will be placed on the vehicles by tomorrow.”