32-YEAR-OLD Christon Logan murdered in Southern Belize

32-YEAR-OLD Christon Logan murdered in Southern Belize

An American national with strong ties and heritage in Belize was shot to death in the early hours of Sunday morning in southern Belize.  32-year-old, Christon Logan is now registered as the first murder victim for 2024.  We join News Director, Renee Trujillo, for the story.

As the family of Christon Logan make plans for his burial, his sister’s agony is compounded as she says that her brother was robbed of over one thousand US dollars, moments after he was killed.  

Classique Linarez, Sister of Christon Logan: “I called the police to confirm. The police told me yes they have an incident in Bella Vista so I told them that I am the sister that is taking care of him just wait for me please fifteen minutes from Mango Creek I’m coming. When I reached there I saw my brother down there all shot up. So I just asked the police to bear with me, if they already got information, his social or anything just check his pocket because he has his wallet on him because I gave him before he left. The police said “Miss that young man over yonder in the corner has your brother’s documents and stuff.” So I told him “I called you and told you I am coming, his sister that he lives with, who is taking care of him.” Police lady said “Well he already gave us the social and everything so you could get the wallet from him. So I asked them why would you do that and we are the family members ? My two other cousins, Nelson Bardales and Steven were there too so I said “Why my cousin didn’t get the stuff or stay on the scene right there and wait for us to come ?” She said the friend has it. So I got it from the friend and this is all that was in the wallet. It hurts me because not because of the material things or whatever but that is what the police threw in my face. A W was there acting real bad with me. First thing the police lady looked at me and said “You are here for material things or for your brother ?” and that hurt me because knowing that out of my bed they just banged and woke up all of a sudden that shocked me to know that I’m going to a dead body when I just left my brother a couple hours ago and I know he didn’t do anything.”

As Correspondent Harry Arzu made his rounds in Independence Village, home of the two accused murderers, he did find one man who at the club in Bella Vista when the killing occurred.  Nelson Bardalez, was perhaps one of the last persons socializing with Logan.  He says they were separated just moments before he heard the gunshots ring out.

Nelson Bardalez, Cousin of Deceased: “I know he had a lot of money in his wallet. So what happened because of the crowd around him he didn’t want to spend much out of his so he just told me as we are family “Fam if you could take care of us we are ordering here don’t worry about it I’ll get you back tomorrow.” So we were in there, I didn’t see when he slipped me and went to talk to somebody because when we got there it wasn’t too far for the place to close so we were there enjoying when he slipped me I didn’t see where he got to I was there with my brother standing up and a little after that I saw them put on light and said the thing was done. So everybody was trying to rush out. I still didn’t see him as yet. When I did see him it was at the door and actually this guy’s brother and him were in a little crowd right by the door there trying to get out but everyone bumping in into each other. I think by some mistake him and the guy’s brother I think they bumped at the door or something and by the time they got outside and I could- me personally could have gotten out too from the crowd I just saw Cornelio walk up to him from around the vehicle because as he got out they walked around a vehicle there and I started hearing gunshots and people started scattering around. I didn’t know who got shot until when I heard the last two shots and I got closer it was my cousin on the ground. These guys were already getting in their vehicle.”

The Martinez brothers were taken to court this afternoon in Independence Village, Stann Creek District.  They were remanded to the Belize Central Prison.

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