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Mayflower is one of those special neighborhoods in Belize City that has its own permanent police checkpoint. Shootings incidents had occurred in the area before. The area off Vernon Street has been the source of tension over the years with police. Over the weekend, a man escaped shortly after exchanging gunfire with the cops. CIB personnel soon caught up with the suspect.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Police responded to shots being fired in the Mayflower area. As a result they have a patrol that is located there, they went in through the alley on foot and whilst they were canvassing the area where an alley is located Police observed a male person running away from them. As a result Police set chase after the male person where they lost sight of the male person. Police continued in the area where upon arrival they saw the same male person coming towards them with a firearm in his hand. Upon seeing the Police he fired several shots at the Police direction and the Police responded by firing shots at him. The male person was identified as Kyle Chaplin who Police was looking for last night but he was detained just a while ago. No persons were injured during the exchange of gunfire in the area.”

Twenty-seven year old Kyle Chaplin, pleaded not guilty to four counts of aggravated assault when he appeared today before Magistrate Albert Hoare. Four police officers, a corporal and three constables, told the magistrate that Chaplain fired four shots, but all of the shots missed them. The police explained that Chaplin managed to escape; however, later they were able to capture him.  Chaplin was remanded into custody until February 12, 2019.