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The grandmother of Iverson Neal is very worried.  We found Yvonne Rivero and family members posting missing posters of him near their home on North Front Street in Belize City.

Yvonne Rivero Grandmother: “Iver Neal yes and he is 23 years old. I last spoke to him last week Tuesday around four when he came by and he was talking to me, telling me that he felt threatened that somebody wanted to kill him because he was by his work on the Monday and said that two guys were passing by and then they passed back and they kept passing, like riding up and down and I asked him but why? Then  he called the young lady name and then he said that he feels like she put out a hit on him and I want to know why.

Jose Sanchez: “So he had some dispute with someone he was dating?”

Yvonne Rivero, Grandmother: “Yes he lived with the person but we don’t know for sure, we are just assuming.”

Jose Sanchez: “So other than that you don’t know anybody that wants to hurt him?”

Yvonne Rivero Grandmother: “No apart from that he just kept telling me it was her you know.”

Jose Sanchez: “Other than seeing him on Tuesday evening has anyone reported seeing him after that moment?”

Yvonne Rivero, Grandmother: “Well we just found out about this guy that saw him on Tuesday night but what happened is his mom, that was the reason I knew that something was wrong because she called me and she said Ms.  Yvonne, Iver called me about 6:30 this morning and I said from where and she said that he said that he was in Belmopan and that he was coming to us in PG.

Jose Sanchez: “That’s Wednesday?”

Yvonne Rivero Grandmother: “ Yes that’s Wednesday morning and she called me around 12 o’clock and she said but he hasn’t reached as yet. She said “have you heard anything from him?” And I said “no” and then she called back again in the evening and she said Ms. Ivonne Iver stills hasn’t reached PG as yet.

Jose Sanchez: “ Did he get on a bus, can you confirm that?”

Yvonne Rivero Grandmother: “We can’t confirm that he got on a bus because he didn’t have any money.”

Mrs. Rivero told Love News that he called them from a phone he borrowed from a man at a construction site in Belmopan. And that was the last they have heard from Ivor. If you have any information about Iver Neal’s whereabouts, please call    622-0029.