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San Pedro residents may be on the way to have improved water pressure this year. During easter, residents tend to schedule their showers because of the influx of visitors to the island. The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) had purchased water from the Consolidated Water Company Ltd a Cayman company. However BWS has reached an agreement to purchase Consolidated Water for US $7 million.  BWSL CEO Alvan Haynes told us this morning that the purchase is being funded as part of a Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) loan of US$8.5 million which also includes additional water system improvements and expansion.

Alvan Haynes CEO, Belize Water Services: “There was a number of partners including obviously Consolidated Water Company out of Cayman, the parent company, ourselves, the Government of Belize, Caribbean Development Bank and several consultants who had to provide information and do due diligence on our behalf but we are very happy that this is now complete. That basically BWS is a Belizean owned company and is now fully the owner of the company in San Pedro that produces the water and we already have quite a few plans in progress in terms of distributing the water supply in San Pedro. As you are aware in the last few years there has been particular stress during the easter holidays which is the extended two weeks when Belizeans in particular and of course other tourists fill the island. We have already commenced the process of building an additional 1 million US gallon tank out there. The design is that it is being done in two halves to improve maintenance and so one half can be maintained while the other maintains supply. That is due to be completed in March. We are hoping for that by mid-March because the Easter is the middle of April because once the tank is completed we obviously have to fill it which will take a little bit of challenge because the real problem is that the plant does not have the full capacity to meet the high demand so we will have to step that and make sure the tank gets filled so that when Easter comes on we have adequate supply. We should say that part of the Consolidated Water Belize purchase includes not only the plant but also a one million US gallon tank that was theirs which is right now the main reservoir so we are boosting that but the challenge will be to have those tanks filled enough so they can help with the peek demand.”