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4 die from 2 Vehicle Accidents

There were four people who died in traffic accidents over the weekend. Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of Operations, Marco Vidal said both incidents occurred in the Orange Walk District. While Heinrich Reimer crashed and died alone, Kelvin Augustine, Efrain Martinez and Oscar Portillo drowned when their vehicle plunged into the river.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “From what I have been briefed a blue Toyota car was traveling on the San Antonio Road in the Orange Walk District and somehow the driver must have missed the bridge and the car plunged into the river. It flipped with four wheels up, the persons were trapped inside the vehicle and they died either from the drowning or the impact of the accident. We have to wait for the post mortem results to ascertain exactly what caused their death. It is an unfortunate situation, it is a triple casualty, they are young people and we cannot say if alcohol is involved. That will have to be after the post mortem is done when blood samples are taken and analyzed but it goes back to what I have been saying that motorists need to exercise extreme caution when using the highways, not only for their personal safety but also for the personal safety of other road users so again I want to appeal to everyone that is using the highways to please be careful. Understand that when you are driving you have your life in your hands and you also have the life of others in your hands. It is important that you meet that expectation that people expect of you that you will get them to the location safely.”

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Assistant Commissioner of Police: “The other incident was on Sunday at 5:45 AM where Henridge Ramer 35 years mechanic of a Blue Creek address was driving his red in color Toyota pickup from the direction of San Felipe going towards Blue Creek Village when he lost control and crashed inside a canal with his four wheels up again. Mr. Ramer is a Mennonite, he was inside the vehicle and appeared dead at the time. He was later pronounced dead by the doctor at the Northern Regional as well. The investigation would reveal if he was speeding or if he was under the influence, also doesn’t appear to have been wearing a seat belt either.”

The accidents are unfortunate but in both incidents, the police indicate the victims were not wearing seat belts.