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4 Families evicted and homes demolished in Ladyville

Several families were affected by the removal of their home and business structures in Ladyville Village, Belize District over the weekend.  The over five make-shift wooden structures were placed there by squatters who had already been ordered by the court to relocate.  Love News went looking for the details.

Jose Sanchez: “70 year old Jose Romero rented land along with four other families along the highway in Ladyville from Kenneth Gabriel. From 2001 to 2016 they pit $100 per month however its when Gabriel died and other relatives took over problems began.

Jose Romero: “March 2016 Mr. Kenneth dead, we wait in the home to pay the rent but Mr. Kenneth no come but more or less on April 25th 2016 one man come to me and say I am on their property, my uncle done dead, then from now you pay me the rent for this month, this month collect the rent and you no have problem with me says Mr. Gabriel, you don’t have problem with me, you live here forever, you pay the rent, this month collect to you I say okay good I am happy.”

Jose Sanchez: “ but the happiness didn’t last that long”.

Jose Romero: “but I am surprised June 25th one lady come to me and she tell me from now I collect the rent, I say why Mr. Gabriel tell me one man come to collect. She say if you don’t want to pay the rent to me I will break your house and your out one time.

Jose Sanchez: “The four families try to seek legal advice since the new person was threatening to evict them and demolish their homes.”

Jose Romero: “We go to the Court and the court didn’t contact us, only the lawyer and the court lady of the official Court but me I didn’t say anything because I don’t have a permit to talk nothing but in the end 2016 something happen, the lawyer for the people and I know Mr. Gabriel together with Mr. Joaquin Chen Chinese guy together in the Court because Chinese guy want to buy the property and Mr. Gabriel want to sell to the Chinese guy. October 29th come again, the Police from the court with one letter was given to me and the letter says you have to go out right now. Before yesterday they bring the Bulldozer and broke down my house, taking all my things from my house and putting it on the road and the Bulldozer broke down my house. I don’t want the poor house again because poor people living there. Right now I am living on a hotel in front of Selena’s because the two son live there, I am sleeping together with my son but no got house.”

Romero says that the other people who lived on the Gabourel property have moved in with relatives.