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4-H Centre Gets New Executive Following AGM

The National 4-H Foundation of Belize held its seventh Annual General Meeting this past Saturday under the theme “Belize 4-H on the Move; Come lets join the Groove”. The new board of directors for the Foundation comprises Raymond Usher as President, Felix Sutherland as Vice President, Nelson Oliver Hyde as Treasurer, Myrna Willoughby is Assistant Treasurer, Luke Ramos serves as Secretary/Liaison Officer, Lindburgh Smith is Assistant Secretary. Directors are Dr. Abigail McKay, Nelson Young, George Castro and Allison McKenzie. Dorothy Menzies is an Honorary Director. Guest Speaker was Caricom Youth Ambassador, Tarun Butcher.  The central theme of her message was: ‘To encourage the organization to stay focus on its mandate to promote agricultural opportunities for youth in Belize and invited the youths to join it and encourage each other to get involved in the Belize 4-H Movement”. The President’s report was delivered by Raymond Usher who outlined the accomplishments and the vision for the movement into the next three years while Nelson Oliver Hyde delivered the Treasurer’s report.