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4 traffic accidents with two resulting in fatalities and two minor incidents

There were six deaths reported over the weekend all due to road traffic accidents and in most cases, involving the use of motorcycles. In the Belize district alone there were 4 traffic accidents with two resulting in fatalities and two minor incidents. Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo told us the first victim in the district, Vladimir Aguilar passed away on Saturday night.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C , C.I.B, Belize: “The first fatal it happened on Saturday night just after 7:15 PM. Police visited Scotland Halfmoon Village wherein the bushes they observed a motorcycle that was intensively damaged and not far from the motorcycle they also observed the motionless body of Vladimir Antonio Aguilar a 28-year-old resident of that same village. Initial information to the police is that that driver of a vehicle, Mr.Brian August a Belizean of a Belmopan address, was driving from Scotland Halfmoon towards Burrell Boom junction and had just overtaken a vehicle and whilst overtaking he heard a loud noise and then he realized that somebody was under the vehicle. As a result of that, a NIP was served to him and a blood sample was also provided by him. The matter is still being¬†investigated by Ladyville Police. All we know is that both of them were traveling in the opposite direction and one had just overtaken a truck when the incident happened.”