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Belize City Toddler Viciously Attacked by Dog

A dog attack in an area behind the Complex building in Belize City has left a child severely injured and his family praying for a quick and safe recovery. Love News found that after the incident, the dog is still at the apartment building but in a different area of the yard.   

Four year old Ellis Ortiz is recovering from a vicious dog attack that occurred outside an apartment area near the “Gungulung” part of Belize city. Ortiz’s grandmother is concerned about the child’s eye.

Grandmother of Dog bite victim

Grandmother of Victim: “They live at the apartment like their room is here and the dog is beside their room so its like nowhere from their door. The little boy was sitting at the door and the dog grab him by his hair and bite him up because he has the bites in the shoulder parts and in the back, where the dog bite him and he is bruised up.

Jose Sanchez: “ Was the dog on a leash?”

Grandmother of Victim: “A long leash.”“The dog belongs to the landlord and we approached the man to ask him how can you let this happen to my baby like why you have a dog and put the dog in the yard. The man said that the dog isn’t his and I told him if the dog isn’t for you why do you have a dog in the yard when you are renting apartments. He said sorry Ms. sorry. I told him Mr. sorry doesn’t ease anything, watch my grand baby face. We don’t know if he will have to live without one of his eyes. His face is terrible and tear up, all of his jaw you can see the skin where the flesh was hanging up and bitten. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t right and he didn’t assist in anything and we will need help, a lot of help because we don’t even know if the little boy will live without and eye.”

Jose Sanchez: “Usually the Doctors would have to check for rabies, have they been able to do any tests? what are the….

Grandmother of Victim: “ I think they did all of that, all of that they did already.”

Reporter: “ And the results of it?”
Grandmother of Victim: “He is okay with that. My daughter says that when she first moved in the dog was there and the man told him the dog doesn’t like kids so her son doesn’t even go around the dog. He was at the door sitting down waiting for them to give him is food. It was his food he was waiting for when the dog attacked him.”

Waltrine Sutherland the common-law wife of the dog owner says that they are willing to assist with the child’s medical expenses.

Waltrine Sutherland, Wife of the dog owner

Waltrine Sutherland Common law wife of the dog: “ When he went out there the dog has the baby by the septic tank and he said that he rushed out there and he took the baby away but the dog can’t reach as far as the door so I don’t know how the dog get to the baby or what but I would just want to tell them that we agree to help with the medical bills or whatever we could help with and we are so sorry about that.”

Jose Sanchez: “ The dog would either be euthanized or banished to Flowers Bank. The authorities may believe that the dog should be put down, what are your intentions to do with the dog at this point.”

Waltrine Sutherland Common law wife of the dog: “Well if they want to put him down I don’t have no problem with that.”

Landlord’s dog

Jose Sanchez: “But if they don’t what would you do with the dog?”
Waltrine Sutherland Common law wife of the dog:“I will sell the dog in the village”

Jose Sanchez: “ In terms of moving forward will your daughter continue to live there at that address or does she plan to move, what’s the situation?”

Grand mother of Victim: “Well sir their dad just recently died, I have a land and I need some plywood to help my kids. I can’t do it alone, I need help, even me my landlord is putting me out so I don’t know what to do. My back is against the wall and I don’t know what to do. I need help, if I can get help to help me I can help my kids them and my grandchildren them but I don’t know what to do, my back is against the wall.

If you will like to help the family of Ellis Ortiz you can call his grandmother Waltrine Sutherland at 629-4409 or by depositing to her Atlantic Bank Savings Account number 211-751-898. The police say it is difficult to press charges against the landlord because the dog was tied up at the time of the incident.