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Minor Dies in Accident; Motorcylist Charged

Last week a young student of Solomon Seventh Day Adventist School was knocked down by a motorcycle, he died this past weekend. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has the story.



“Nine year old, Gerardo Geovanni Lopez died on Saturday morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He was hit by a motorcycle on Thursday last week as he crossed the Belize-Corozal Road highway after buying tortilla at Roney’s Tortilleria – just a few yards away from his school- Solomon Seventh Day Adventist.  An eyewitness told Love News, that after hitting Gerardo the motorcyclist did not stop to render aid but rather sped off. It was employees from Roney’s that helped the child up from the highway and unto a chair after which he was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital.  Principal of the school, Sheryl Distan, says the student body is saddened by the untimely death of one of their own.”


“He was a handyman in the form of a boy, he was only nine but he was the student who would see you raking leaves and he would go and get a rake. If you were taking stuff from the vehicle to take into the school he would be the one to help you. Last Wednesday because we are in the process of getting new classrooms he was the only student he saw the teachers working and he stood on the side a while and he looked and he started to help us carry boards and clean up all the rubbish that stayed behind after the construction of the classrooms that was Wednesday and then Thursday he had the accident. There was no bleeding, no blood mark on the highway. I went to the hospital about forty minutes after the accident and he was there but he wasn’t talking. I asked him when I stepped into the emergency room he lifted his head off the bed and he put it back down and I went to him and asked him if he had any pain and he shook his head and he told me yes and he told me that he had pain near his head but he was vomiting blood. Something in his stomach got hurt that is what took the impact. I told him to let me pray with him but it was strange because they never opened his uniform or checked him, he was still in his uniform. I stayed there maybe an hour or so, they changed him from one bed to the next but he was still in uniform and they never took it off to check him.”


“The driver of the motorcycle, Cecil Martinez, has been charged for the death of Gerardo.”

ASP SELVYN TILLETT, OC, Orange Walk Police

“Mr. Martinez has accepted fault. So far police have arrested and charged him with manslaughter by negligence, causing death due to careless conduct and driving without due care an attention.”


“According to the Orange Walk’s Commanding Officer, ASP, Selwin Tillett, they have forwarded the file to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice.  However, Distan, believes that if her request for a bump to be placed on the road Gerardo might still be alive.”


“According to eyewitnesses it was speeding motorcycle. Because we sent a letter in October of last year and they told us that it’s a good time you sent the letter because we are fixing up the highway so we will be able to put in that pedestrian crossing but it’s complete now and they only have the little nubs, that’s all they put there.”


“That sentiment was shared by the President of the PTA, Maxwell Alexander.”


“For quite some time we have been asking for a pedestrian ramp or somebody that could be out there with the students when they come across the road. In the morning we have over one hundred students crossing that road. Myself as a parent I have three kids that have to cross the street in the morning and in the evening and actually me myself have to wait along with my kids and the transportation do not wait or hesitate they come straight across. We have to be out there five to fifteen minutes sometimes. There are some drivers who are very in their mind and they stop and that’s not all of them. I personally had already asked the representative I told him about it, I brought it to his attention and he said that he will be working on it but we are still waiting on it.”


“Orange Walk Town Mayor, Kevin Bernard told Love News that he too had requested that a bump be installed in the vicinity.”


“There was a bump in front of that location and when the highway was being rebuilt I did send message to the contractor that they need to replace the bumps that were there and if you notice several other areas that we had these bumps placed had been removed. I am still hoping that since the work is not yet completed that they would come back and revisit it. It’s a sad thing that a tragedy had to take place for people to open their eyes on the importance of having, and the drivers need to be more careful as well. People are speeding on our highways through our town when they should be respecting the traffic rules. I for one as the mayor will continue to push through the Ministry of Works that they replace that bump because it is the highway and it is their road and they are the ones that have to place that but we are going to try and see how we can get it done.”