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Relations with Guatemalan Military Expected to Go Unchanged under Jimmy Morales

President-Elect for Guatemala, Jimmy Morales is expected to be officially sworn in come January 2016.  During Morales’ campaign prior to the election in Guatemala, he was harshly criticized and shunned by Belizeans for his campaign on acquiring the portion of Belize that his predecessors have claimed is for Guatemala.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow was not moved by Morales’ remarks as it was chalked up to nothing but political/election hype and said that things would have to be looked at more rationally when the dust settles.  The dust has somewhat settled, at least for now; so much so that Morales made a courtesy call to our Government officials as part of his tour of the region.  As we mentioned, Morales is looking to take over the presidency of Guatemala next month and with that change coming, we asked the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones, if he feels that a change in state command will also change the relations with their military counterpart in Guatemala.


“I don’t expect any changes to occur with our military counterparts. We’ve had a long standing relationship with our military counterparts but political directives can change, if politicians decide otherwise then the military will have to follow because the military works under the directive of their politicians but with the long standing relationship that we’ve had with the Guatemalan armed forces I don’t expect things to change. If it is going to change we are going to discuss the best way forward for both forces to work together because we are both professionals and we only execute our political directives but we try to work with each other on a professional manner.”

Jimmy Morales, the 46-year-old President Elect for Guatemala is scheduled to take office on January 14, 2016.