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Concerns have heightened in the north when this morning revealed dozens of dead fish upriver from the Tower Hill Bridge.  Photos of the massive fish kill were posted on social media today, appealing to the authorities for urgent attention as not only does it indicate serious environmental concerns in the Belize New River, but it also poses a health hazard for residents.  Love News understands that wildlife and other fish are being affected as far as Shipyard, Orange Walk District.  While the Department of the Environment (DOE) is having a public meeting on the issue on Friday night, this morning’s find has rendered it an alarming situation that needs to be remedied right away.  Earlier this month, Giovanni de la Fuente led a tour down the river for the various media houses to show just how severe the environmental conditions are in the river; citing the cause as being the disposal of waste into the river by several companies.  On the heels of this tour, the Department of Environment issued a press release pointing to eutrophication; a situation where too much nutrients are entering the water causing an abundance of algae and the oxygen levels to be below normal. Our newsroom received a letter sent from the DOE to Belize Sugar Industries about additional measures the company needs to take pertaining the New River. Among those measures is the requirement for an action plan from BSI/ASR; submission of multiple reports on water temperature, waste contaminants and pond discharges entering the New River.  While we will continue following this story, the Department of the Environment has committed to do frequent monitoring.