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First Newborns for 2016 Celebrated

The authorities at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City have made it a tradition at the start of each year to honor the parents of the first baby born at their institution.  A brief ceremony was held on Sunday, January 3, 2016 at the hospital with Bridget Rhys being awarded as the first mother at the hospital to give birth for 2016 and Frederick Guy for the father of the second child born on New Year’s Day at the KHMH.  25-year-old Guy spoke to the media on his sentiments as he is experiencing fatherhood for the first time.

Newborn 2016 - 2FREDERICK GUY

“It’s very exciting. This is my first child. I’m 25 years old and I feel honored not only to have one of the first new borns of the year but I’m very honored to be a father. It’s a boy. I haven’t confirmed the weight as yet but he’s a fairly large boy. I’m very thankful for that, I didn’t come here with that intention at all and I was just told recently about that but I’m nevertheless still very grateful and thankful for SanCas for that and we will use whatever they give us promptly. We are very grateful.”

During the ceremony, the parents would receive gift baskets from the hospital, the Lion’s Club of Belize City as well as from Santiago Castillo Limited.  Aisha Trapp-Rudon handed over the goodies on behalf of Santiago Castillo Limited and told the media that other parents will be awarded.


“This year we decided to give everybody that has a New Year’s baby in each district. So if you had a baby in PG and you were the first to give birth then you are going to get a package from us. What happened is that this is our social responsibility to give back to the community that has been serving us. This year Santiago Castillo will celebrate 90 years being in Belize and this is the start of celebrating that 90th Anniversary here in Belize. We also extended the packages to the other hospitals here in Belize so if you had a baby not here at the KHMH you will receive a package also. We have six other mothers who are in the ward and they are also going to receive a package from us.”

The first baby for 2016 has been given the name Aiden Alexander Rhys.  Another organization on hand at the hospital with a donation was the Belize City Lion’s Club; only this year, they are breaking away from the tradition and are awarding the most needy mother who gave birth on New Year’s Day.  Malva Allen and Edilia Zaiden spoke to the media on their donation.

Newborn 2016 - 1MALVA ALLEN: 

“For over the past 30 years we’ve been giving gifts for the first baby of the year. Being a nurse I visited one family after the fact and I found that the au Lait was just lying there because as you know all pregnant women prepare an au Lait  for their baby and I took it back to the board and it was discussed and decided that we give a cheque instead that she can use that check the way she wants. I have a cheque here of $300 from the club.


“We used to give it to the first baby of the year and now today we are breaking tradition because we will be giving it to the last baby of the year. Ms.Bernard she just had her third son and she is 31 years old. Her son will be named Kaden and that’s why we will give it because we have decided that she is the most needed.”

James Brodie and Company Limited is also a part of this annual tradition as they are the agent for Johnson and Johnson products and Darielle Grant was on hand to make that presentation.  While Baby Rhys was born three minutes past two o’clock on the morning of January 1, another birth was reported in northern Belize at 1:23am.  Newborn 2016 - 4A six pound fourteen ounces baby boy was born at the Correa’s Private Clinic in Orange Walk Town to Jonathon and Carla Casanova of Corozal Town.  So far, Nathan Casanova is known to be the first baby born in the country for 2016.Newborn 2016 - 5