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45-Year-Old Home Collapses in the City

Racecourse St House CollapsesThis morning a house on Racecourse Street, Belize City, collapsed. A family of three had been residing in the home. One person was in the home when it collapsed, luckily no one got hurt. One of the occupants of the house, Dennis Lucario told us the building had been there since 1971. He told us there were some signs that the house would eventually collapse, but he did not expect it so soon.



Locario told us that his older sister lives in the US and is 75 years old. With little relatives alive and nowhere to go, he is considering sleeping in the park. Lucario says he has not been able to retrieve any of his clothes or personal belongings.


If you would like to help Dennis Locario you can visit him at number three Racecourse Street in Belize City.