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PUP Leaders Sign Oath; Convention Details Confirmed and Resolution Passed

Members of the National Party Council of the People’s United Party gathered inside the Independence Hall on Saturday, January 9 where logistics pertaining to the upcoming Special National Convention were ironed out among other things.  Chairman of the PUP, Henry Usher spoke to Love News on the venue of the convention.


During the meeting, a resolution was passed regarding the areas that the Deputy Party Leaders will be representing on the PUP’s National Executive.  The PUP has four seats for Deputy Party Leaders with Kareem Musa, the son of past Prime Minister, Said Musa holding the Central seat and Julius Espat holding the western seat.

Also at the meeting, the three candidates contesting leadership: Francis Fonseca, Cordel Hyde and John Briceno signed onto a document which Chairman Usher says is an oath of allegiance.

The National Party Council meeting began just before eleven o’clock on Saturday and had representation from all caucuses.