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Accused Murderers Arraigned in PG Court

Two persons were arraigned yesterday in Magistrate Court in Punta Gorda.  We hear more in this report from correspondent Paul Mahung.

PAUL MAHUNG: The charges are in connection with a murder last month and one this month in Punta Gorda as explained by Officer in Command, Toledo Formation, Superintendent Simeon Alvarez.

Superintendent Simeon Alvarez: ” In reference to the death of Antonio Rodriguez, taxi driver which had occurred on the 15 of December 2015 and the partially decomposed body of Jarren Edward Pop which was discovered on the 10 of January, 2016, a fifteen year old minor and a twenty one year old Albert Valentine Junior were both jointly arrested and charged and were taken to the magistrate’s court in Punta Gorda yesterday in front of Magistrate Emerson Banner where charges were read to them and later remanded to the Hattieville Prison for adjournment date 24 February 2016. Superintendent Simeon Alvarez commented that no plea was taken from both accused as the matter is indictable.”