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5 year old raped by step father

 Yesterday we told you of the 5-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather in San Pedro Town.  Assistant Commissioner of Police Alejandro Cowo briefed the media on what they have gathered so far.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “A minor was allegedly carnally known. The incident happened in San Pedro on the 16th. The mother visited the station where she reported that sometime in the night she had left her daughter alone at the house and went to a nearby shop to purchase some food. Upon her return to the house she observed her daughter crying and she had confrontation with her common-law-husband where she observed the common law husband to be naked and as a result an argument ensued between them whereby she left from her residence and left to a neighbors residence and upon arrival at the residence she observed that the baby clothes had suspected blood. She tried to seek medical attention on that night however the doctors were not available. The following morning she visited the station where she made report, the child was brought to Belize City where a medical examination was conducted and the doctor certified that the child was carnally known. Based on that report that she made and the investigation that the Police conducted, a thirty one year Salvadoran national was arrested and charged yesterday for the crime of rape of a child.”

 The NGO community and government agencies are very quiet considering the surge of reports surfacing about sexual abuse of minors that have been surfacing.  Today, the National Committee for Families and Children sent out a four-paragraph press release condemning the acts of violence and abuse against children.  The release made reference to the Article 19 of the Convention and called on parents and the authorities to keep their children safe.  The NCFC did not mention whether they are working towards assisting the victims or solving the crimes against children but they did note that they are working tirelessly in bringing awareness to the situation.