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50-Year-Old School Building Needs New Roof

After being constructed almost fifty years ago, the structure that currently houses the classrooms for standard four, five and six as well as an office and a computer lab at St Luke’s Methodist Primary School, is in need of dire repairs.  It has been about five years now since the faculty and students have been experiencing issues with the roof, particularly during the rainy days.  The school’s principal, Pamela Bodden spoke to Love News about their current situation and the appeals they have made so far.


“That building was established in 1968. The roof has deteriorated to a point where we need the replacement which is a new roof and we do realize that that is going to come with a cost. We can no longer do the quick fix and so like for the past two years we drafted a proposal with the assistance of our management and have submitted to different organizations but we have not had a positive response and I think that at this point we decided that we will take a new approach and hence the reason for all this publicity this morning. We are presently engaging in a number of fundraising drives in order for us to come up with the $200,000 which is the estimated cost of that roof and that is quite a bit. The school itself has to raise a portion of that amount.”


“A portion of it, so is there a counterpart funding?”


“Not as yet so we are still hoping. The management is working on it, in trying to secure funds. We ourselves sat down as a team and we’ve come up with a plan so that we can start to raise some funds”.

As Bodden mentioned, there are several activities being planned to raise funds.  The next event is slated for June 17 at the Battlefield Park.  Carol Martin is one of the organizers who told us that there are ongoing fundraising efforts in addition to the upcoming roof drive.


“The park fest roof drive will be at the Battlefield Park on June 17th. On that day we will have our school organization like the scouts, Brownies, our famous choir; we will have the marching band and other performances out there from past students and so forth. We will have food out there, drinks, pastries, we have invited other business to come and partner with us on that day to do their promotions for their business and so we are hoping that on this day we will be able to do some needed fundraising to raise some much needed funds so that we can start this drive for this roof. Our target for this particular event is $5,000; we said that at least for a start. Presently we are doing an alumni drive so we are sending out letters and we have different level of sponsorship that you can make a donation toward. You can be a diamond sponsor, a bronze sponsor, a gold sponsor and a silver sponsor and we have a range of finance that you can donate based on each level. Presently we have already sent out letters, we are going to alumni abroad. We are away in that regard to reach our alumni.”

The school needs about two hundred thousand dollars to do a complete replacement of the roof.  Principal Bodden says they have been numerous appeals done by the school.


“It is in Honorable Wilfred Elrington’s division.”


“Has there been any outreach or appeal ?”


“Yes I know for a fact that one of the proposals was submitted to him. I know that the manager has touched base with partners in the Ministry of Education but as I said to you over the past two years we have not been able to come up with any positive response and that is why we are trying to do a little bit differently now.”

St Luke’s Methodist Primary School is located on Mahogany Street in Belize City.