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500 Backpacks for Kids

In addition to combating crime, the police department’s strategy calls for deeper relations with the communities that each department serves. They have awarded young people who have participated in the Du Di Rait Ting program and have also used the Community Policing Unit as a daily communication tool with residents in at-risk areas. On occasion they partner with businesses to give scholarships to students and today they delivered school supplies to kids who participate in their programs.

Reporter: Central TV and Internet partnered with the Police Department to donate 500 school bags for kids in Belize City.

Voice 1: “The youths are the future of our country and we must invest in them at an early age. There is no better way to do that than to invest in their education. We hope that the donation of these 500 backpacks along with supplies will go a long way in giving these kids an equal opportunity to a good education. So on behalf of Central TV and Internet the directors, management and staff we present these 500 backpacks.”

Reporter: The donation, including school supplies, is valued at approximately $15,000 and commander of Eastern Division Region One is thankful as it helps the department’s relationship with the community.

Howell Gillet, Commander Eastern Division Region One: “Thank you Mr.Moody for this wonderful donation to the Belize Police Department Region One formerly Southside Belize City. We are ever so grateful because it does a number of things but some that readily come to mind is that we show people that the police cares about others, we show especially young people that we do care; we also show that we are taking away obstacles that are preventing young people from going to school and there are many obstacles. I hear of things like if your tennis is black but has some degree of white in it you cannot go to school, if you don’t have a proper backpack to school then there is bullying that in itself leads to other serious issues. So we are so pleased on this side of the city and it’s not just a backpack it comes with the basic school supplies. What we need to do is invest in our young people, an investment in young people is an investment in the future of Belize and we if we do this for young people it is our belief and hope that in the very near future we will have a society filled with a number of positive young people for the basic reason for what we are doing for young people now and that we will continue to do in the very near future for them.”

Student 1: Well I go to St.John’s Anglican Primary School. Over the past week I was at swimming classes with Mr.Gillett and Mr.Gonzalez.

Reporter: So how do you feel about the gift you’ve gotten today ?

Student 1: I feel thankful for it.

Reporter: How old are you ?

Student 2: Five.

Reporter: And you’re going to school ? What school?

Student 2: St.John’s.

Student 3: They gave us the bags and we feel really good about it.

Reporter: So you’re going to use it for the school year, which school are you going ?

Student 3: Grace Primary.