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$5,000 taken in Belize City Robbery

There were two robberies that occurred in Belize City over the weekend. In one of the incidents, the thief stole over five thousand dollars from the victim as he was about to enter the place which he was staying. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, the officer in charge of CIB for Belize City indicated that the victims of the incidents were not harmed.

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head CIB Belize City: “We had two robberies, the first one occurred on Friday. It was just about 2:30 PM when Mr. Dennis Aragosa an employee of Cisco was about to enter his residence at #5 Bocotora St. when he was approached by a male person who placed a gun at him and demanded him to hand over his belongings and as a result he handed over  a knapsack which contained the sum of $5000 in cash. The second robbery occurred on Saturday night sometime after 7:40 PM Ezekiel Miranda and another friend of his was inside Latino’s Barber Shop which was located at number 114 Cemetery Road and while inside of the Barber Shop they were approached by two male persons of dark complexion one who was armed with a firearm. The male person demanded for them to hand over their belongings and as a result he handed over a wallet containing $300 in cash and personal documents and the other person handed over $10 in cash.”

The victim of the Bocotora Street robbery, Dennis Sarragosa is a contractor for Cisco Construction. He told the police that he had $5,000 because it was salary for employees. It is believed that the robbery may have been an inside job.