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San Ignacio Police Updates on Bus Shooting

Last night we reported that one Conrad Thomas had been shot at, with the bullet grazing the side of his head. Today, San Ignacio police sent out the official police report in which it states that Thomas was in fact hit to the head with a firearm. He is in a stable condition. Deputy Commander of San Ignacio police, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, explained what occurred.


“The investigation is that Conrad Thomas was on his way to the Belmopan area on board the bus but when the bus arrived here at the Welcome Center he had a slight misunderstanding with a male individual and it appears that when the bus left en route to Belmopan upon reaching Esperanza the other person made his way in a separate vehicle toward Esperanza and there he boarded the bus when the bus came to a stop and that is when from behind he approached Conrad and inflicted the injury to the right side of his head. Investigation at this time has revealed that Conrad Thomas was sitting beside his wife. His wife at the time heard nothing to that of a gunshot; she believed that the gentleman was hit on the right side of his head causing him to fall forward. After that she saw the individual holding what appeared to be a Black Hand gun in his hand pointing it at the gentleman and saying certain things. He then jumped off the bus and made good his escape. The bus was properly inspected and we did not find any expended shell or any slug because at the end of the day it was a graze that the gentleman sustained. We have one person in custody and that person is being questioned. At this moment no firearm has been recovered to identify what weapon was used to inflict the injuries on Mr. Thomas but the matter is being investigated because the person in custody says that the weapon he used was pint bottle and not a firearm so we are looking into that.”