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Mexico Sends Vasquez and Cassanova Back to Belize

Love News has confirmed that Belizeans Melin Vasquez and Hugo Casanova are already on Belizean soil. The two men had been detained back in February 2013 in Mexico at the home of notorious drug figure Carlos Cabanas Catzin who is known to his enemy as “El Monstro”. The Mexican navy found a huge amount of crystal meth worth millions of dollars. However, the duo’s lawyer successfully argued that the bust was illegal because no warrant was presented and there was no way that the prosecutor could have determined that Vasquez and Casanova knew that the drug was inside the house. So they were released and our sources tell us that they were handed over Belizean authorities yesterday evening. While Vasquez and Casanova were caught in a drug dealer’s home with huge amounts of drugs, they have no charges to face her in Belize as explained by National Security Minister, John Saldivar.


“We have been informed by Mexican authorities, I do believe it has and if not it has already occurred but we were informed prior to it happening that they have served their time in Mexico and unless there were charges awaiting them here in Belize they are free to roam about as they please but I’m sure that the police department is checking into the possibility of old charges against them from before. As long as no charges exist the are Belizeans and are free to move about. I’m sure that the Police Department if they feel it necessary will keep some sort of surveillance on them but that is as far as it can go. We cannot infringe on any of thier liberties, they have served  their time in Mexico.”


“So they have been handed over to Belize?”


“I would have to confirm that but I believe from the correspondence that I saw that it might have occurred already.”