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57 year old man stabbed and clings to life

The police department has a crime fighting strategy that it hopes will help curb crime and lead to more convictions in court. But prevention is everyone’s responsibility. There are crimes that seem to occur without cause or motive. A sixty seven year old man from Neals Pen Road Extension in Belize City became a victim of what appears to be a random act of violence. The police say that at 8:15 on Tuesday night Frank Arnold was riding his bicycle through an alley when he was stabbed. Love News spoke to his niece, Andrea Gardiner who was at the scene when the incident occurred. Gardiner told us that they need the public to donate blood in Arnold’s name.

Andrea Gardiner – Niece of Frank Arnold: “So like a quarter past or twenty past eight, I was going to the store to buy Boledo, the same time he was coming off his bike to go and buy Boledo and a soft drink. He ordered ahead of me, I call him Dad.  I said Dad, you came to get those things? He said, “yes man”. I saw him fall off the bike and when he fell he bawled out and said “Jack”. When I ran across the street he picked up the bike and he got up. He said “He stabbed me Andrea” and when he turned around the whole back of him was bloodied. I told him to hurry come and I ran ahead of him, the man said that he would hold the bike. I called home and when I called him I said “tell Mommy to reverse the vehicle and that Jack just stabbed Franky. I put him by the neighbor on the step, I ran inside to get a blouse while my mother reversed the vehicle and took him to the hospital. I went back to the scene whilst the police were there and as usual, they didn’t want anyone to mess with the crime scene. We went back to the hospital and they took him to surgery, we spoke to him because he was conscious. All that he said was that he was dizzy so they took him to surgery and we left from there almost 2 o’clock. They were getting him stable, they said they had to monitor him for seventy-two hours. Mommy went there this morning, we went to look for him, spoke to him, told him everybody was here for him. We wanted him to know that we were going to pray for him, that we wanted him to be strong and get back up. He opened his eye from the time heard my voice he shrugged his shoulders like this. He doesn’t mess with anyone, everyone knows him.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “In terms of his recovery what are the doctors saying?”

Andrea Gardiner – Niece of Frank Arnold: “They are saying that right now he is critical, they need blood and we are asking anyone that can help him because he needs like ten pints of blood where he lost so much blood last night.”

If you would like to contribute blood , you can reach the family by calling 614-2487.