6-year-old Armando Godoy Knocked Down and Killed

6-year-old Armando Godoy Knocked Down and Killed

A six-year-old boy was knocked down and killed in Belize City on Saturday morning. Gabriel Godoy was on his way to a store on Antelope Street Extension when he was knocked down by a NextGen truck. He died on the scene. Hipolito Novelo reports. 

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Six-year-old Armando Gabriel Godoy, seen here with his twin sister, was a jovial little boy. And his infectious personality will be missed. On Saturday morning, a mother’s worse nightmare became reality. Armando died after being hit by a NEXTGen truck on Antelope Street Extension in Belize City. He died on the scene. Gisela Cayetano is a family friend and neighbor. She held back tears as she recounted what happened. 

Gisela Cayetano, Neighbor: “I sent my daughter to buy and she said “Mom ! Someone – I’m sorry I used to teach the kid. I used to teach him one, two, threes, they used to come here because once I worked at a preschool so his mom asked me to teach them because they’re twins and that’s why I used to teach them. So they grew up here a little bit with my son who is also six like them so I’ve known them for a long time. So I sent my daughter to buy and she came home running and she was crying and I said “Sweetheart what’s wrong with you?” I thought someone hit her and she said “No mom. She said Mom Armando is dead. He’s on the street and he’s dead.” and she began crying and I was like “Okay calm down.” I said probably the car just hit him and that’s why he’s bleeding but then after a while I sent her again to check and see if he’s still down there. She said “Yes mom he’s still down there.” That’s when I said you know what the only time they left a body there that’s if it’s dead because if it was just a hit someone would have picked him up and taken him to the hospital and that’s when I decided you know what ? Let me go see what’s wrong and that’s when I saw him – I’m sorry it’s just that I have a son who is six and as a mother when you see a kid like that you’re like that could have been mine so your heart goes out to the mother.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Driving the NextGen vehicle was 43-year-old Dion Logan. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood says that Logan has been served with Notice of Intended Prosecution and a urine sample was obtained. Yearwood says that Logan was unaware that he had knocked down Armando. 

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer: “The officers on the scene were informed by officers from the Raccoon Street Police Station that a vehicle was parked at the station where the driver claimed that he was called and informed that apparently he hit a child on Antelope Street Extension. He didn’t know what was the extent of the injuries that the child sustained and at that time he did not know that the child had succumbed to his injuries. The driver was cooperating with police and he claimed that he didn’t know that the vehicle hit that child.”

Logan is facing several charges, including manslaughter by negligence. He is cooperating with police. Results of the urine sample is still pending. 

A statement from NEXTGEN reads (quote) “This is an extremely difficult time, during which we will extend our support to the family as Armando is laid to rest. 

Through this medium as well, in no uncertain terms, we wish to assure that we will continue to fully cooperate with  the authorities throughout the course of the investigation.” (end of quote) 

And as the investigation proceeds, Armando’s friends and family prepare to say their last goodbyes. 

Gisela Cayetano, Neighbor: “This is how I know something happened to him because like I tell you we just arrived from clinic, I took my son for examination and I was sitting in the room there on the bed, I usually sit there and let him relax and that’s when I heard her crying. She was screaming, she was saying “Golpiaron Armando !” because they speak Spanish saying Armando got hurt, someone hurt Armando. And then I told my daughter “Destiny that’s not normal.” There’s something wrong about the way Armando, when he does something she rails up hard but you could hear the difference in her one of voice. That’s when I told my daughter go by and check and see what happened. That’s when she came and she said “Ma Armando is dead and he’s on the ground.” and she was crying and as a mother no one could that the child is not moved from the off the ground but you cannot watch your child there on the ground and not do anything and especially you know there is nothing you can do. So she was like right here where she usually was under the tent and she was just crying.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Armando will be laid to rest tomorrow in Corozal. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo. 

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