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6-Year-Old Drowns in Rotoplas Vat

A six year old boy drowned in San Pedro Town on Thursday night. At around 11 o’clock, San Pedro police visited the Bay Side area where they came across a group of men around 6-year-old Zaeem Torres.  When police arrived on the scene they saw CPR being done on Zaem. The six year old was rushed to the Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic but thirty minutes later he was pronounced dead. Zaem, a student of Water Lane Street in San Pedro Town, reportedly climbed on the top of a water tank which was near the lagoon. Police say Zaem fell inside and drowned. The six year old’s uncle told the media that on the day of the incident the child’s parents were working and in the evening they went out for a family dinner at a restaurant near their home. There they allowed him to play with the other children since they are usually safe. About 200-300 feet from the restaurant on the dock, there are 4 Rotoplas water reservoir tanks that supply water for nearby resorts, and, it appears that on this night, one of the reservoirs was not covered. There was a stool near the tank and the family believes the little boy climbed up on the stool and onto the reservoir and subsequently fell in. By the time the family found him and pulled in out with the help of a doctor, it was too late. His uncle says there was no negligence on the part of the parents.