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600 children in the south were treated to a Christmas party

Children are usually on the receiving end of all the giving which takes place at Christmas. In this regard, over 600 children in the south were treated to a Christmas party where they were given gifts amongst other things. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung filed this report.

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent: “Over six hundred ninety six children of over fourteen Toledo Communities were treated to a grand Christmas Season event yesterday in Jacinto Ville, Toledo District. One of the coordinators Pastor Vick Hernandez of Toledo Faith Outreach Center spoke to Love News at the event.”

Pastor Vick Hernandez of Toledo Faith Outreach Center: “Pleasant Good Afternoon. What  we are having here is, we are having a Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration. This involves six hundred ninety six  children from fourteen villages and also from Punta Gorda Town. What happened is we decided that there were alot of children that would not be able to get a gift so we ventured out and we got gifts for them from our partners and Harvest Aviation flew them down to us. The buses started rolling from 6AM this morning and then the kids got here about 9 AM. We had bouncy houses for the children, we had trampoline, we had face painting, we had balloon twisting, we gave each child a toothbrush and a toothpaste as well as we had a clown that flew in and had a lot of goodies to give away. Now the children are having hotdogs and cake and after that each child will receive a gift valued no less than $10 US or $20 Belize. We see this as a part of giving. Christmas is about giving. God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son so we give back to the community.

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent: “Reporting for Love News from Hacinta Ville,  I am Paul Mahung.