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Two Guatemalan men remain in police custody after they were found in Belizean territory in the Cebada area in western Belize.  A joint operation was being conducted on Thursday evening at around four thirty by members of the Friends for Conservation and Development, FCD and the Belize Defense Force when they came across the two men, namely, Luis Diaz Alvarellos and Francisco Torres Sucup.  The operation is one in a series following the discovery of agricultural advancements being made by Guatemalans as they have been planting corn on Belize’s soil.  These two men, however, were not found in the corn fields; rather, they were found in a marijuana plantation bearing two firearms and ammunition.  One of the men was shot in the knee and both men were finally removed from the Cebada area by midnight on Friday via a BDF ambulance.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke on the matter.


On Friday, Belmopan Special Patrol Unit and BDF soldiers arrested 18 year old Guatemalan Elgar Eduardo Espana Perez some forty meters into the Chiquibul Forest on Belize’s side of the border. Perez had with him a .22 rifle with six live rounds. He was disarmed and charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license.