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$650M US From Taiwan to Guatemala

If you have been following the history of the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, you will know that as far back as 1859 there was the commitment by the British to construct a road to Puerto Barrios.  Had it not been for the British reportedly reneging on their agreement the dispute would perhaps be non-existent.  Fast forward now to almost sixteen decades later and the road construction is coming to fruition; not through the British but the Taiwanese.  While the Taiwan Government had signed a sixty million dollar agreement with Belize last week, they are looking to facilitate Guatemala with six hundred and fifty million US dollars for the road construction.  The loan is to be repaid over a thirty year period and was reportedly agreed upon a few weeks ago when Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales visited Taipei.  The loan is being given at an interest rate of one point two five percent.