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6th National Climate Outlook Forum held in Belmopan

The sixth National Climate Outlook Forum, NCOF-6, was held today in Belmopan. The NCOF-6, a stakeholders meeting for enhancing the utility of seasonal climate forecasts, provides a national platform for promoting a regular dialogue and inter-agency coordination in responding to natural hazards, climate variability, extremes and changes between the National Meteorological Service of Belize and stakeholders. Climatologist at the National Met Service, Ronald Gordon and Chief Meteorological Officer, Catherine Cumberbatch say the event allows stakeholders to learn about the products produced by the service and how it can help them.

Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, with responsibility for theNational Metrological Service of Belize, Edmond Castro, says the event allows for better productivity in various government and private sectors.

The forum also looked at drought and drought monitoring products, the seasonal outlook for the next six months and the upcoming hurricane season.