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6th Volume of INVEST BELIZE

The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) launch the 6th Volume of the Invest Belize Magazine under the theme “Our Green Economy, Your Trade Opportunity”.   Love news spoke to Minister of Trade Tracy Panton and Beltraide’s Executive Director Dr. Leroy Almendarez about the significance of the Invest Belize magazine to the tourism product as well as a mean to attract capital investment in Belize.

Dr. Leroy Almendarez, Executive Director, BELTRAIDE:The team at BELTRAIDE, I mean when you talk about the managers especially the Invest Belize Team, in terms of not only getting sponsorship but articles because remember the overall objective of the magazine is to promote investment, not only locally but also internationally. As a matter of fact, a quick note here, I was in Geneva not too long ago and took some but I didn’t take enough because people were so fascinated with the professionalism but not only that, the different areas of priorities tied into the Sustainable Development Goals that Belize focuses on. So the team gets together, there’s  also a sales team, there is an administrative team, and because it was produced primarily in house this time,pretty much all members of staff got involved. There were people who were far more focused in terms of the design, layout etc.”

Tracy Taegar Panton, Minister of Trade and Investment: “Well the magazine as you know is used as a primary tool for us to promote investments both here at home and abroad and this year’s magazine speaks about the importance of the green economy and how we can use the green economy to build further economic routes.  There are several; ASR who is one of the main contributors of the magazine is looking at how they can move away from the slash and burn system to have a more sustainable way of harvesting and growing sugar; a very important commodity for Belize. So they are one of the main contributors to the magazine. Obviously there are companies in tourism : for example the Lodge at  Chaa Creek as another example. It’s the tool that we use to promote investment in our key economic sectors. That’s Tourism, obviously Agriculture, Agro Processing, Solar Energy, Green Energy and other agriculture products that continue to be one of the mainstays of Belize’s economy. We use it a lot in our business hotels and also we use it as a tool when we travel to speak to potential investors, to look at some of these priority sectors for investment.”

The Magazine features contributions from industry experts such as the Belize Audubon Society, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade Ya’axche Conservation Trust and the International relations team at the Belize Sugar Industry. The Magazine is printed on sustainably grown paper and as it focuses on improving sustainable practices in Belize.