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7 Persons Charged for 229.4 Grams of Weed

Seven persons, 3 men and 4 females, one of them a 16 year old girl, were charged with drug trafficking for two hundred and twenty nine point four grams of cannabis when they appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. The men were 25-year-old, Shaquan Almendarez; his brother, 28-year-old, Darnell Almendarez, and 31- year-old, Roberto Montejo. The women were 50-year-old, Karen Almendarez, 27-year-old, Tasha Almendarez and 22- year-old, Trecia Benguche. Montejo had pled guilty to the charge but Magistrate Mendoza entered a plea of not guilty when Montejo said that he had no knowledge of the cannabis and it did not belong to him. They were each offered a bail of $2,000 and their case was adjourned until January 9, 2017. They all met bail except for Montejo who was unable to pay a fine of $205 for which payment was outstanding. The incident occurred yesterday. The police reported that they found the cannabis when they searched a residence on Electric Avenue in Belize CIty.