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Over 7,000 sit for Day one of PSE 2019

While the nation awaited the results of the Supreme Court and the court of appeals decisions on the referendum, parents were waiting for their kids to come out of classrooms. Today marked day one of the 2019 Primary School examination. There were 7,228 students who sat for the PSE. We spoke to the director of the examinations unit, Nelson Longsworth as well as some students about their impressions about their performance on day one.

Nelson Longsworth Director, Examinations Unit: “Today is what we classify as day one PSE for 2019 and on day one we sit two of the subjects: English Language Arts and the Science Exams. Today we had registered a total of 7228 candidates and we don’t know what will be the exact tally but it will probably fall short due to absences etc. The district with the highest registration is the Belize District followed by the Cayo District. The Belize district is 1924 candidates registered and Cayo is 1805, then Orange Walk is the third largest at 1052 followed by Stann Creek with 934. Then Corozal with 793 and Toledo with 720 totaling the 7228 candidates. We see a larger number of males being registered this year by nearly 200 plus in the grand scheme of things.

Jose Sanchez: “What is your name?”

Denzel: “Denzel.”

Jose Sanchez: “How did you find the PSE today?”

Denzel: “Challenging.”

Jose Sanchez: “What parts were challenging and what parts were you prepared for?”

Denzel: “I was prepared for Language, Language 1 and Science was kind of difficult.”

Jose Sanchez: “What is your name sir?”

Josh: “Josh”

Jose Sanchez: “All right Josh how did you find the PSE today?”

Josh: “It was very easy to like doable and I was able to answer my questions completely.”

Jose Sanchez: “What part do you think your teachers prepared you the best for?”

Josh: “For Science and Language. Everything they taught us was on the PSE.”

Jose Sanchez: “What is your name?”

Pearl Dawson: “My name is Pearl Dawson.

Jose Sanchez: “Okay Pearl how did you find today’s PSE?

Pearl Dawson: “It was a little bit challenging. The language was easy, I do writing a lot so it was pretty easy. The multiple choice for the language they had little complicated questions but I got through them. I took language and I took science.”

Jose Sanchez: “And how was the Science you said?”

Pearl Dawson: “The Science was pretty good, they had some challenging questions but I read a lot so it was a not that complicated as I thought.”

Jose Sanchez: “What is your name?”

Seaford Banner: “Seaford Banner.”

Jose Sanchez: “How did you find today’s exam?”

Seaford Banner: “Was doable.”

Jose Sanchez: “In the Science and the English what parts for you were challenging?”

Seaford Banner: “The challenge one was a simple machine one that said which one will be the least effort with different pulleys of six, seven, four and two and then the easy one for the Language Arts I think was the letter one because my Language Arts teacher Ms. Moore help me with it throughout the day and brought me up to this level. My parents and my teachers help me study for this exam.”

Accommodations were also made for special needs students who signed up for the PSE.