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Over 7,000 sit PSE

Primary school students countrywide today sat the first part of the Primary School Examination. The exam is used in most cases as a placement exam to enter high school.  The Ministry of Education said that seven thousand one hundred and ninety-nine students registered to sit today’s exams. Love News spoke with Nelson Longsworth, the Director of the Examination Unit about the exam.

Nelson Longsworth, Director Examination Unit: “During day one the are sitting English and Social Science papers. The English consisted of two parts, you have a paper one which would be 50 multiple choice questions and then paper two English which is what we call the written paper which as within itself two parts, part one they would need to write a letter and they would choose from two questions, they will choose one to write on and then in the second part of the written they are to write a narrative. Again they are giving stimulus and they choose one of those to write on. The science would be 50 multiple choice questions so that they will do this afternoon.”

Longsworth spoke about students past performances.

Nelson Longsworth, Director Examination Unit:Very average. Very average and like the last two years they’ve been consistently little or no change to the results. We have some subjects that are adequately performing in terms of how the students are doing but when it comes to the written paper for english they don’t do to well and the math; the math has been the one that has been a very difficult paper for them over the past years for quite a number of years, in fact as far back as you can go math has always been a problem. But social studies and science they tend to do better.”

The second part of the exam will take place on May 4, when the students will sit Mathematics and Social Studies.