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An Impaired Andy Bustillos Arraigned for Double Homicide

Dozens of residents from the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio gathered in front of the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court this morning (VO STARTS) as 31-year-old, Andy Bustillos was brought in for arraignment on two counts of murder.  This case has caught the attention of many for several reasons including reports that it was the final outcome of a long abusive relationship; it was a bold and brutal double homicide carried in front of customers at a beauty salon and also because the attempt by the alleged shooter to take his own life failed.  Bustillos was charged with the murder of 39-year-old, Miriam Elizabeth Mai and 29-year-old, Daisy Carita Miralda. Love News spoke to Western Regional Commander Superintendent Andrew Ramirez who told us about more pending charges for Bustillo.


“What happened this morning Andy Bustillos who was brought down from Belize City yesterday evening was brought before the magistrate Mr.Hoar on two counts of murder upon Mrs.Miriam Mai and Daisy Miralda. No plea was taken from him and as a result he has been remanded to the Central Prison until July 8th 2016. The matter where it is also alleged that he had pointed his gun at some customers inside the business at the time of the shooting will be arraigned as aggravated assault on his next appearance. So far the substantive charge of murder has been placed on him and he has been escorted to the Kolbe Foundation.”

As we mentioned, a crowd gathered at court this morning to show support for the family of the two victims. Superintendent Ramirez told us what the atmosphere was like.


“What happened is that you know the death of these two women who were well liked within the community of San Ignacio and Santa Elena did have a toll on people’s feelings. Of course they went there to see who was the person who did it and to show their emotions whether it be their disappointment of that person being the killer of their loved one but you had about 100 persons who were in front of the police station. They were not chanting anything bad but they were just showing their support for the family if Mrs.Mai and Mrs. Miralda.”

Reports are that due to Bustillo’s attempted suicide, his self-inflicted wounds left him blind in both eyes. Manuel Rodriguez who stood outside the court gave his sentiments on why he was out there.


“It would be sad if this man walked out a free man. Personally if that is the case might as well we don’t have laws. For burglary, theft and other things you go for seven years and if this man walks free then you know what I mean?”


“According to what they say that he is blind, do you think that court should still take him to jail or send him home because he is blind?”


“Well of course he still has to spend the time regardless if he is blind, or crippled. He has to pay for the crime.”

Both women were working inside Betty’s Beauty Salon in Santa Elena, Cayo on April 30 when the incident occurred just before six o’clock that evening.  Bustillos has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison.