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8.5 million US dollars for San Pedro WASA

The next loan motion was in the sum of 8.5 million US dollars.  If you’re keeping count, the NEWCO settlement is for 6 million US, the Climate Resilient loan is for 8 million US and the Caribbean Development Bank Third Water (South Ambergris Caye Water and Sewerage Expansion) Project is costing 8.5 million US dollars. The total amount of funds designated to pay out of the country’s coffers is 44 million Belize Dollars. The CDB funded Belize Water Services Limited Loan for 8.5 million US dollars is to purchase the shares of Consolidated Water Belize Limited, expand the existing water treatment plant; retrofit the San Pedro water and sewage system; supply and install water distribution pipelines; water transmission mains; sewage collection pipelines; water service connections; and sewer connections; and supply and installation of a 41 kilowatt photovoltaic generation system. And though this loan motion had support of the Government and the Opposition, there was still organized chaos in the House.

Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber: “Madam Speaker this motion has the recommendation of the Cabinet. I recognize the honorable Leader of the Opposition. Madam Speaker I certainly have no issue in providing and supporting the government’s request that we give a guarantee for this loan but maybe this would be good opportunity since WASA is asking from the government  a guarantee so they can get his $8.5 million US to do a much needed expansion for water in San Pedro. Maybe that would be a good opportunity for us then to ask WASA to work with us with the Fire Hydrants because we have massive problems with fire hydrant problem in this country, for instance in Orange Walk it was found out that the Fire Hydrant that’s right in front of the house that it was closed of when WASA…”

Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber: Madam Speaker the point of order, that matter has nothing to do with this. The members on that other side has ample enough opportunity at the end of the meeting to rise on matters of National  importance and they are free to do so at the point.”

Madam Speaker: “Thank you.”

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio: “Madam Speaker I am using the opportunity to say that if WASA is asking us then to do this then maybe this is a time we can get WASA to agree to  put more fire hydrants across this country.”

Madam Speaker: “Yes but the point is that you can bring it up later.”

Leader of the opposition John Briceno:Santa Elena and San Ignacio only have 12 fire hydrants, Benque Viejo has none.

Madam Speaker: Honorable Opposition Leader, Honorable Opposition Leader.”

Leader of the opposition John Briceno: “No no but we can use this opportunity to..”

Madam Speaker:Excuse me Honorable Opposition Leader you have enough time to bring that up just proceed with the subject matter.”

Speaker: “We are debating yes it is a point of interest madam Speaker, we are debating a bill whereas BWSL is getting money’s, getting loan funds and this leader of the opposition is saying how he believe those loan funds can be better utilized or expanded, how is that not relevant.

Acting prime Minister: Madam Speaker it is not relevant because BWSL is getting the loan for a particular and specific purpose which is to improve the water system in Ambergris Caye. If they want to raise a point about fire hydrants that can be done at a later date.

Madam Speaker: Yes thank you acting Prime Minister, Honorable Opposition Leader kindly proceed with the actual debate.

Opposition leader: “But to make the point the honorable member from Belmopan said with NEWCO they use the tax as a strategy to force them to come to the negotiating table. This could be a strategy we are given the support but they offer Fire Hydrants for the country of Belize, what is so difficult about that.

Madam Speaker:Okay I am still asking you to proceed Opposition Leader with with the actual issue because then you have an opportunity again so kindly proceed please.”

Opposition Leader: This is my point I want to make it abundantly clear that we do support what the are asking, the guarantee but at the same time I am saying let us ask WASA since we are giving you the support, expand and fix the fire hydrants. Your honor people houses are burning down, we have water to help protect people’s lives, that’s all I am saying, what so wrong with that, anyway Madam Speaker I have my point.”