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Sedi Says No Annexation; Briceno Says Yes

The word, ‘annexation’ means the takeover or seizure of something, especially territory.  Ten days ago in an interview with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington was asked about Guatemala’s annexation of the Sarstoon River.  The question was asked subsequent to several instances where the Guatemalan Armed Forces had blocked Belizeans from traversing those waters.  Minister Elrington had told the media at that time that there was no such annexation taking place.

Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, however, told the media today that every action by the Guatemalan has been showing an annexation of the area, contrary to what the Foreign Affairs Minister is saying.

Briceno went on to state that Minister Elrington has taken more importance on being friends with the Guatemala’s Foreign Minister than addressing the Belizeans’ concerns.

As recent as yesterday, the Guatemalan military had attempted to stop the head of the Belize Territorial Volunteers and media colleagues from being in the Sarstoon.