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Barrow’s Insistent Exclusion of the Opposition from the Belize/Guatemala Situation

On Wednesday, June 15, the 46th General Assembly Meeting of the OAS concluded in Santo Domingo.  As we reported earlier this week, the People’s United Party was disinvited from attending that meeting; a move that has been frowned upon by the party as explained by the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno.

So, with the PUP not planning to attend next week’s meeting in Washington DC next week, the media asked why such a harsh move over the disinvite from the OAS assembly meeting.

Briceno says despite the cancellation of the meeting by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, the opposition could have still played a vital role at the forum in Santo Domingo.

Opposition Leader, John Briceno says that the party’s executive will be meeting next week to discuss the way forward.