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86-year-old woman dies days after being hit by truck

86-year-old, Gudelia Estevez, passed away early this morning at her home in Belize City, twelve days after she was hit by a vehicle.  The grandmother and her 8-year-old, grandson, Nikolai Tun, were knocked down as she was taking him to St. Ignatius Primary School just after eight o’clock on the morning of February 22. It happened when they were crossing the road at the corner of Dean Street and Amara Avenue. Injuries she sustained in the incident confined Estevez to her bed. Her daughter, Sonia Tun, told us today that it was unexpected.

Sonia Tun Daughter of Mrs. Gudelia Estevez: “There were several factors, the accident happened on February the 22nd in the morning and she was discharged by 5:30 from the KHMH. She was still banged up and swollen. They sedated her heavily and then she was bedridden because KHMH had put this hip cast all the way down and I had to take her to Dr. Smith at medical to get a second opinion because that was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. She couldn’t move, the cast weighed more than my mom weighs but she was bedridden that entire time. She was eating and everything was getting better until last night she got up as per normal because she said she wanted to sit up and I sat her up and then she said she wanted some water but she didn’t want a lot of water so I gave her one tablespoon of water and that is all she drank and went to lay down back and she laid down back. When she laid down back now she got quiet and that is not normal because in the night she is very chatty and then when I looked over to her and  she was breathing heavy like she was almost panting and so I went over and she wasn’t responding and she was getting cold and my other niece came in and we decided to call BERT. We called BERT and in a span of maybe twelve minutes is when she passed away. By the time BERT came to my house she had already passed away.”

Dalila Ical: “Do you believe her death is a direct consequence of the injury that she sustained at that accident?

Sonia Tun Daughter of Mrs. Gudelia Estevez: “I think so because she was a very active person. Anyone can tell you she used to walk all over Belize, she loved walking and she loved taking her grandkids to school. One of the news stations said that she was deaf. My mom isn’t deaf, she is not blind, she wasn’t crippled and she didn’t have high blood sugar, none of those things. She was healthy and active, she could walk a mile better than I could. Going from here I already went to do my Police report which is another thing in itself that the Police Department said that I should have gone right away like as soon as she was released from the Hospital. She should have gone and given her statement which how can she make it? No one said and no one told me that and how am I going to get my mom who is bedridden to go to the Police Station? It is a ridiculous thing that they told me but from here the Police Department will make a decision to whether they will charge him or not and that is up to them. I already did my part whether they charge him or not it will not bring back my mom.”

Meanwhile, Estevez’s grandson and Sonia’s son, Nikolai Tun, has been severely traumatized by the incident. The child has also not fully recovered physically.

Sonia Tun Daughter of Mrs. Gudelia Estevez: “He doesn’t have anything broken thank god but he can’t hear in one ear. You have to be shouting to him so he can hear you and then he still has a mild limp and he tries to cover it up but I am going to have to take him back to the doctor to re evaluate him as well because today mom was supposed to go back to the doctor. I had texted Dr. Smith from medical and he said to bring her in from evaluation and all of this happened this morning and I am taking him back as well because I don’t want any surprises down the road.”

A post mortem examination on Estevez is scheduled for tomorrow. She will be laid to rest in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District. Tun says that whether or not the family will seek court action against the driver of the pickup is something that they have yet to discuss. The driver, 49-year-old, Martin Franklin Reyes was since issued with a notice of intended prosecution but there has been no update from the investigators as to whether charges will be laid.