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Frank Mena says he received 10K from William Mason For His Campaign

So …. Prime Minister Barrow says his Cabinet ministers are not associated with the untoward dealings of William Mason and has admitted that Ministers Saldivar and Mena were recipients of financial aid in sports and politics.  A few minutes ago, Minister Frank Pawpa Mena sent out a release speaking of the ten thousand dollars he received from William Mason.  The release says, quote, “Yesterday I informed my cabinet colleagues that over one year ago, in the last bye election season, I received a campaign contribution from a businessman I knew as Danny Mason. In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to inform the public at large that about a year and a half ago I met Mr. Danny Mason through Dr. Henry Canton when he visited Dangriga expressing interest in the Commerce Bight Port. I was later taken to his residence prior to the bye-election by Minister John Saldivar.  Mr. Danny Mason, who was presented to me as a businessman, contributed $10,000 to my campaign. At no time did I promise to offer any special services or access by virtue of my position to Mr. Mason. The horrendous scenes unveiled over the last few days have been deeply troubling to me, my family and to all Belizeans. To that end, I am publicly returning all of the $10,000 contribution I received for my campaign from the man who I believed to be businessman Mr. Danny Mason. Please know that when I accepted this campaign contribution, I had no reason to believe that Mr. Mason was who he is now known to be.  I’m placing the $10,000 into an Escrow account to be used for some kind of charitable purpose.”  To be thorough, the media in the PUP Press conference questioned John Briceno on whether any of his elected members or senior officials have had contact with William Mason.  Here was his response.

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