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99 Grams of Weed = 3 Years in Jail + $10K Fine

Twenty-three year old Clifton Willoughby, charged with drug trafficking for 99 grams of cannabis, was sentenced to three years and fined ten thousand dollars today by Magistrate Emerita Anderson after he was found guilty of the charge. Willoughby was busted on August 25, 2015. He was walking on Antelope Street Extension and was acting suspicious. When he was approached by the police who were on mobile patrol, he threw away a black plastic bag he had in his hand. When the police retrieved the bag they saw that it contained cannabis. As a result, Willoughby was taken into custody and charged. Willoughby chose to remain silent throughout the trial. He did not cross examine any of the witnesses and he did not testify, give a statement from the dock or call any witness to testify on his behalf.