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99% of Electricity Restored Countrywide

As we have been reporting over the last few days, the Belize Electricity Limited has deployed dozens of linesmen and technician to restore power to the various affected areas by Hurricane Earl which made landfall in the late hours of August 3, 2016.  This morning the Chief Executive Officer for BEL, Jeffrey Locke was on The Morning Show who assured the public that the restoration efforts have been ongoing.


“We are here to give an update to the public as to our recovery effort. We recognize that the customers have taken a beating over the last week or so and we are here to assure them that we are doing the most we can to make sure that they get light as quickly as possible. The good news is that we are 99% of our customers are now connected. The bad news is that about 700 customers we need to attend to and we want them to know that we are very mindful of that and we will get to them in quick time.”

Also on the show was one of BEL’s Senior Manager, Mr. Moreno, who spoke of the one percent of the country that remains without electricity; he also spoke of challenges encountered in the restoration process.


“Up to last night we managed to connect the Belize River Valley, we also connected all the way to Maskall and also Crooked Tree so those were the last most remote areas that were not connected earlier. We still do have little veins with a few transformers that feed a few customers that we will be addressing today. Also on the Western Highway we have some areas that are still out but we should be addressing those today. One of the challenges that we have experienced at this time is that unlike previous times where the problems were localized  to specific areas this system that affected us was more widespread and it affected the entire country with the exception of Punta Gorda so we didn’t have the luxury of other times in this case everyone had to tend to their own problems. So for the first two days they were very busy taking care of their own customers and then by the time we got those crews here they were already worked out. It has been very good, these guys have been very diligent. I have to commend them for that, they have one a fantastic job. Some of them have been working 16 hours a day and without complaint. I guess the biggest reward that they get is the appreciation from the customers.”

Ashton Richards is one of the linesmen who was working up to seventeen hours per day to get the houses around the country powered.


CEO Locke says there were about forty linesmen along with several contractors including some from Guatemala who were deployed to have electricity restored.