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Former St. Francis GM: “I was fired by the board”

Rafael Dominguez, the former general manager of Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union has broken his silence after weeks of back-and-forth between the credit union’s Board of Directors and the group of members. That group, which includes past President Juana Terry and the credit union’s interim supervisory committee chair, Mayet Castillo. They argue that board, led by Roy Smith is acting outside an already expired mandate and several pressing issues remain unresolved including the unceremonious termination of Dominguez. Today, Dominguez himself issued a press release, which says that the board did indeed fire him. However, the board insists that Dominguez was not terminated, but rather they decided not to renew his work contract because it was not in the credit union’s best interest. Dominguez says that his letter from the board, dated April 20, told him his services quote “are no longer required effective immediately” and effectively accused him of putting the credit union in an economic crisis and its liquidity was in a precarious state due to his mismanagement. Dominguez maintains that his record as GM was a good one because several audited reports point to the credit union’s growth during the ten years he has served as GM. He goes on quote “the board’s statements in the letter were clear fabrication(s) as they all knew fully well that the SFXCU had no major problem(s) and as the second-largest credit union in the country, [SFXCU] was performing consistently well” End quote. Dominguez also insists that his termination had no basis and it was not in the board’s purview to fire him. Only an annual general meeting or a special meeting can make that decision. Dominguez also reiterated some of the criticisms the members have including breaches of protocol by directors including how a case of embezzlement by an employee was handled. We are told that a virtual press conference will take place tomorrow and we will have more for you then.