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Bus Operators Voice Concerns in Transport Industry

Bus owners vent over concerns in the transportation industry ......

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Public Utilities and Logistics met with Thomas Shaw, President of the Belize Bus Association (BBA) to discuss the plans for the Belize’s transport industry and ways through which the Ministry could enhance the support of the Association. Minister Ferguson took the opportunity to share the upcoming plans aimed at enhancing the work of the Transport Department in the coming months. Accompanying the Minister was his Chief Executive Officer Marconi Leal Jr who provided updates on the projects in the pipeline which are expected to improve the industry and support bus operators. The Association highlighted areas of concern currently faced by bus operators. Love News spoke to Shaw today who gave us more details on the meeting and what points were brought up by the BBA.

Shaw also spoke in depth about how the 75% seating capacity has been affecting bus operators.

The Association is set to meet with the Transport Board on Thursday, January 14, 2021.