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A Boost for Dangriga Sports at Carl Ramos Stadium

As mentioned by the Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber last Friday during the Sitting of the House of Representatives, the official opening of the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga, Stann Creek District was slated for Saturday afternoon.  That opening went as planned with Minister Faber boasting of the works of sport areas being conducted around the country whilst congratulating the team of workmen on the project.


“While we were in the house meeting in Belmopan I was asked a question in the questions to ministers and the question was about the MCC stadium in Belize City. They were asking me what was happening with the MCC, this is Cordel Hyde. And I was glad that he asked the question because we are doing little things with MCC but because he chose to ask that question I chose to answer him with the information about MCC but also giving him all the information about all this government is doing across the country to provide sporting facilities for Belizeans. My friends things are happening all over this country. Don’t study the noise in the market a lot of things aren’t perfect that is true but a lot of great things are happening in this country, we have great representatives all across this country who are working hard and of course there is no exception when you think about your representative here in Dangriga town the honorable Frank Mena. I want to ask you to give it up for him. For his continuous push to uplift the people of Dangriga, Hope Creek and Sarawi and of course you have one of the best Mayors. She’s probably my favorite mayor in the country Mr.Francis Humphries. With a tag team leadership like that you can’t go wrong here in Griga. I wish to place on record as well our gratitude to the contractor Hubert Usher and sons for the wonderful job. I want to tell you that I got a personal tour from Mr.Hubert a long time ago and from then I fell in love with this stadium because it is a state of the art facility, my friends it is yours the people of Dangriga own the Carl Ramos Stadium and if we are to make sure that it keeps looking like this you all have to take care of it. All the facilities and bathrooms take care of it because you don’t know the PetroCaribe money is done.”

The stadium has a capacity for an estimated three thousand five hundred persons.