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A Brand for Belize City

You may be familiar with the Belize logo that has been made popular by the Belize Tourism Board. Two life size multicolored colored signs have been built in the city which is a representation of the Country of Belize. Now, the city council has developed a plan to have a city brand.  The brand would represent just Belize City, as well as different zones within the city. Mayor Darrell Bradley explained.

DARRELL BRADLEY: “We also have a team of individuals who are developing a city brand for Belize City and this is something again that is a build up from some of the work that has been done by the Belize Tourism Board and other entities who have worked on City Branding and they have released to us a preliminary brand for the city and you will notice in relation to some of the ideas that they have come up with it, some of the color choices it is reflective of our history, our culture and what we have to offer as Belize City and the imagery is something that we wanted to define or be a statement about Belize City itself.”

Marilyn Ordonez who is the Director of Finance at the Belize City Council spoke of the importance of having the a logo for the different zones.

MARILYN ORDONEZ: “With this city getting a brand then we can highlight all of the good things that Belize City has; all the strengths that Belize City has and so the mission, the consultants did the first draft of the brand which we would like to share with the City and we will share that with all the residents , the businesses whenever it’s completed. We can share it now because it’s in draft and then we can get good feedback from the public as well so the brand is for us to be able to share what our city has to offer so we would like to share it. What the consultants have advised is that we can use that brand in every area, in economic development, in promoting the restaurants, the hotels, tourism, transportation we can use it on our signage, we can use it to show the meals whatever we want. So like we have the Yabra area we can use that brand within that area. So whenever you talk about Yabra you know that is the brand for that area. When you talk about Port Loyola you know that is the logo for there. It has allowed us to look at the fact that we need to be able to identify our communities and move away from branding our city with northside and south side which as you hear that it gives people an impression. As you hear Southside it’s a negative aspect so let’s move away from that. So we will have our city brand for our respective area so we will share it with the media but we just want to show what they came up with, was a brand that showed the strength in Belize City.”

No official logo has been selected as yet and it is only in the draft stage.